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About our Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

AMC Product SDS are written by an accredited third party (Chemwatch) and are available in multiple languages. Chemwatch operate a free 24/7 Product Emergency Line, as well as several local lines listed below:


+800 2436 2255 (International free call number)
+61 2 9186 1132 (Alternative number)


Asia Pacific Chemwatch +612 9186 1132
Africa Chemwatch +271 1083 5222
South America Chemwatch +56 2 2897 7700
North America Chemwatch +1 877 715 9305
Europe Giftnotruf (Poison) Berlin +49 30 30686 790

About AMC

AMC provides drilling fluids, equipment, technical support and environmental solutions for cost reduction and productivity improvement on-site. We help customers streamline operations, build resilience to market challenges, achieve future growth plans, and deliver sustainable value to their stakeholders.

Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment

AMC’s parent company, Imdex is committed to improving the quality of its products and services, while protecting people and the environment.

The Imdex QHSE Management System (supported by ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 9001 certifications), works alongside our global continual improvement database, the Quality Alert system, and internal safety program, ImSafe, ensuring consistent and effective management of quality, health, safety and environmental matters with our employees, clients and contractors.